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Cycling Humor

Put some fun between your legs!

I was the fastest

It’s true and there’s proof! This is a really funny shirt. I’m surprised I haven’t seen anyone wearing it.  I wonder what kind of training I did.  My question now is, where’s my medal and picture of me on a podium?  Oh well, I guess I’ll have to keep training.  This is a great gift for a friend or teammate with a sense of humor.  Just hit that ‘buy’ button below.

Funny shirt

Funny shirt

Can’t Burn Off Crazy

“You can exercise all you want.  You’re never going to burn off crazy.”


Buy the Damn Bike

“Life is short.  Buy the damn bicycle!”  It’s the cycle of life.

buy bike - funny cycling

Chuck Norris Takes Up Cycling

Time to look for a new sport!  “Breaking news – Chuck Norris takes up cycling”

Chuck norris cycling